We’re Changing The Game and Making
Automated Transcription Easy & Affordable


Extremely Cost Effective

Thus removing the need to pay
monthly to transcription


Highly Accurate

Saves you time and headaches
having to spend hours editing


Leading Industry Technology

lets you tap into the big tech
A.I. that will never get tired or
miss a deadline.

And most of all…it’s incredibly FAST!

Repurpose Content In A Few Clicks.

You’ll want to get the most out of your content.

There’s no better way than taking old videos and audios and turning
them into other forms of content.

Our software lets you convert that media to text so you can create:








Blog Post


Social Media Post

With the voice to text module in your hands, your business can thrive as you extend your reach to a wider audience, but without extra work.

It’s this opportunity (and more) that we’d like to extend to you today…


Speech To Text Module

  • Upload.
  • Convert.
  • Copy/Paste
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Our Audio To Text Module Transforms Even The Most
Difficult Audio Into Accurate Text In
3 Easy Steps:

Step 1

Upload Your Audio or Video File

Select from your computer and our A.I. will start the transcription process instantly while checking the content.


Step 2

Choose Your Language

Select from your media’s language from one of 30 different languages Voice To Text includes.


Step 3

Generate & Download In TXT or SRT

in less than 10 seconds you’ll have your brand new quality text ready to use in your projects or subtitles.


And that’s it. Revoicer’s AI Speech-To-Text makes this incredibly
simple without any learning curve whatsoever.

Here’s Everything That Speech-To-Text
Module Includes…

And Why You’ll Wish You Had Access Sooner!

SRT Subtitles Made

Trying to create subtitles for your business can take loads of time. And hiring someone to do it for you can get really expensive. Yet, you’ll still need these for those who may have a disability.
Thankfully, Revoicer’s speech to text app comes ready straight out the box with SRT capabilities without any extra steps.


Transform Any
Video Into Text

Transcribing videos is simplified with Revoicer's voice to text, offering quick, accurate transcripts for creating subtitles, slides, and more, enhancing your market reach effortlessly.


Transcribe in 30+

Go global and transcribe audio and video in multiple languages. Revoicer’s AI speech to text makes this possible in a snap. Just choose your language with a click, and you’ve got transcribed text ready to connect with multiple cultures & audiences.


Transform Any Audio
Into Text

Not only will you be able to transcribe video quickly, but audio too! This is great for creating text versions of podcasts. You can also use the audio to outline your ideas or even create a brand new ebook in an afternoon!


Repurpose and
Monetize Old Videos

We all know content is king. So why not take advantage of all the existing videos sitting on your hard drive?

You can repurpose these into other forms of content and use for social, emails, or even create new versions of the videos and monetize them on sites like YouTube.


Accuracy (90-99%!)

Here’s Why This Is Important…

Other tools have 85% accuracy. Revoicer’s speech-to-text goes above and beyond that by giving you a transcription so accurate that it’s like you whispered in its ear. This saves you time on the backend and lets you get on to getting results from your business.


Transcribe Podcasts

By transcribing your podcast to text, you can create more engagement for your podcasts which can translate to more listeners. This can lead to more followers on social which means a bigger audience for you to market your business to.


Transcribe Meetings

Never forget an important moment in any meeting again. Use Revoicer’s audio to text to transcribe every Zoom, Google Meet, and other meetings quickly and distribute to your team.


No More Typing

If you have no typing skills, Revoicer’s Voice To Text is great for you. Instead of pounding with two fingers, you can simply speak, give the audio to Revoicer Speech-to-Text, and have your ‘typing’ complete before you jump out the shower.


Create ebooks &
Course In a Flash

The average human speaks 100 words per minute. That’s 6000 words per hour. By tapping into Revoicer’s speech to text app, you could literally create a brand new course this weekend. Just speak, upload the audio, get the transcription back quickly, edit, and you’re ready to start making sales.


Transcribe Webinars and Turn Them Into Products

Use the value you provided on webinars and turn it into content that attracts new subscribers and customers. This could cost you a fortune to pay someone to do and take forever. With AI audio to text ?

You’ll have it ready by the time you can drink a glass of water.


Powerful Enough For The Advanced...
Yet Simple Enough For A Child To Use…

When we say that Revoicer’s Speech To Text App is easy to use, we mean it. We believe that technology should be so intuitive, that a child can understand it. That’s why we’ve designed it to be used by a 5 year old.

But don’t let that fool you. What’s under the hood of our voice to text module is so powerful that it can take any transcription task you throw at it and not even break a sweat.


More Accurate Without Human Mistakes

Because it’s the highest level A.I. available, you won’t have to worry about waiting days to get a transcription back with tons of human errors. Our A.I. filters out mistakes, generates text like a pro…and does it without ever needing to take a vacation!


Here’s What Others Are Saying About
Our AI Speech To Text

Natural Sounding TTS with Better Emotion Controls

I've purchased multiple text-to-speech software platforms and Revoicer is the best yet. The basic version Kayla voice is so good.
I upgraded to Pro to access even more vocal emotion, like the Nova voice.
I'm sure there will be improvements in TTS technology and I'm pretty sure the Revoicer team will be leading the way.


Rob Mullins

4 reviews | US


Love it

Love it! I was excited when I saw this, thought it could be a useful tool to go with my others but Revoicer has now replaced the others. The interface is easy to use and the voice quality is just amazing. Well worth the premium price compared to my former tools.


Scot Murberger

2 reviews | US


100% Worth it.

Before purchasing revoicer I made sure to check most of the top-selling products in the market and compared them with each other and I even paid 1 month for others. I saw there was a money-back guarantee on this program and I decided to give it a try. Once I used it I was impressed with the number of voices it had and its quality, so I decided it was the best one yet and kept it.


Adan Arriaga

1 review | MX


Love it

Love it! I was excited when I saw this, thought it could be a useful tool to go with my others but Revoicer has now replaced the others. The interface is easy to use and the voice quality is just amazing. Well worth the premium price compared to my former tools.


Scot Murberger

2 reviews | US


Our A.I. Rivals Big Tech Companies, But Without The Hefty Price Tag.

Revoicer’s speech to text uses word-class A.I. technology to deliver the best transcriptions every single time. You’ll find the same technology in all your tech conglomerates. The only difference is Revoicer’s audio to text makes using this technology extremely affordable. That means you can generate hundreds of transcriptions quickly without worrying about breaking the bank.


Your Content Privacy is 100% Assured.

Even though you’ll be able to produce tons of text on the fly, you won’t ever have to worry about that content being shared. We have a STRICT content privacy policy and servers that are so secure, they make Ft. Knox blush.

So go ahead and transcribe whatever you want. Your content privacy is totally secure.


Professional Subtitles and Transcriptions Without The Monthly Fees.

Revoicer’s audio to text does the job of 10 transcriptionists, but without the costs. If you produce content regularly or plan to, you’ll have total peace of mind knowing that you can make a small investment today and never have to come out of pocket ever again for any transcription you need in the future.

Not to mention, you’ll be able to get it fast!


Save Hundreds or Thousands On Outsourcing

Even if you didn’t go with a company, you could still wind up paying a pretty penny using a site like Upwork or even Fiverr. Just one hour of transcription can run you $60 each! That means you could wind up spending hundreds of even thousands monthly on transcription services.

Revoicer’s speech to text module removes the need for costly outsourcing and helps keep your money where it belongs.

In your pocket.


Generate SRT Titles and Capture Your Audience

More businesses now than ever are using srt titles to help grow their reach. However, while beneficially globally, srt titles can be a pain to create on your own. They’re extremely tedious and time consuming to generate.

Thankfully, you won’t have to deal with that when you get access to Revoicer Speech-to-Text today. You can choose the option of exporting to .SRT so you can have a file ready to upload and reach more people with your videos.

All this happens in just seconds!


Drive Higher Engagement On Social

Engagement is the #1 factor for success with social media. In order to engage effectively, you’ll need to have quality and quantity of content that keeps people coming back everyday.

So why not turn on the recorder, share your ideas, and then let our speech-to-text module turn them into text? You could have a month’s worth of content ready to go in just a single afternoon with Revoicer’s speech-to-text in your arsenal.

Use that content to draw more followers and monetize them to scale your business to new heights!


Flexible For Every Business Imaginable

Regardless of the business you’re in, you’ll still need to produce content. Whether you’re a service repairman or a fortune 500 CEO, the ability to engage and connect with your market is paramount.

Now with Revoicer’s speech-to-text in your hands, you can produce that content whenever and wherever you want with total ease.


Works Wherever You Are - No Download Necessary

Revoicer’s speech-to-text runs in the cloud so that means you won’t ever have to fuss with any messy installs. Use it when you’re traveling for business at the airport or even if you’re at the beach.

It doesn’t matter if you use a PC, Apple device, or even if you’re on Android. Simply log in, upload your audio, transcribe it, and you’ve got text ready to share with the masses.


You’re Protected By Our No Risk 100%
Money Back Guarantee.


Take the next 60 days to try Revoicer’s speech-to-text for your business.
See how simple and easy it is to transcribe tons of audio seamlessly in no time.
Use it to cut through your content workflow like a searing hot knife cuts through butter.
Go through every facet of the software and if after doing so, you don’t agree that Revoicer Speech-to-Text is everything we say it is, we’ll issue you a prompt and courteous refund.

Unfortunately, You Have a Limited Time To Get
Claim Your Discount.

The Price Is Rising Soon!


We’ve got very big plans for Revoicer’s speech-to-text and that means in the very near future, we’ll be raising the price. And quite frankly, there’s no reason we shouldn’t.

Especially since you’re getting access to the highest level of A.I. transcription accuracy that all the big tech companies use. Not to mention, you’ll be able to repurpose old content, convert any audio or video to text with just a few clicks, and spend only a fraction of the time you used to on content.

Even with our raising the price, getting access to Revoicer’s speech-to-text would still be worth it.

When you think about it, it just makes sense to sign up today. Because if you leave and come back, the price could be higher, or could be a monthly subscription…or both.

Upgrade Your License RIGHT NOW!
50% Discount


Best Pick

$94 $17/month

  • Transform Any Video In To Text
  • Transform Any Audio In To Text
  • Transcribe In 30+ Languages
  • Transcription Accuracy Of Over 95%
  • Create SRT Subtitles

60 Days No-Questions-Asked Moneyback Guarantee.

If you create a voice over using Revoicer and you don’t like it, we will refund all your money in maximum 24 hours.

The first AI Voice App to display real human emotions.

Truly human emotions in every voice over generated,
breathing life into your voice overs.

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