Transform any text into a
human-sounding voiceover

95% of people will not be able to tell it’s not a human voiceover

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  • Effortlessly convert text to speech with our advanced voice AI generator in just a few clicks.
  • Revoicer supports English and other 50+ languages and dialects
  • Over 80+ voices available
  • Breathe life into your videos, podcasts, presentations, and sales ads with our human-sounding voiceovers
  • Say GOODBYE to pricey voice actors, costly recording studios, and tedious post-production editing.

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Revoicer supports English and other 50+ languages and dialects

Over 6342 Entrepreneurs, Teachers, and Authors
Use Revoicer to Create Breathtaking

From 3,000+ reviews
3 review AUS
Best By Far

I have used voice software programs for a number of years, and this one is the best by far. I am enjoying the many great advances I am hearing, re-emotions and mood choices and smooth speaking, and the variety of voices. Assistance is there when needed, and has proven both supportive and flexible. I would highly recommend Revoicer. It is also simple to use!

21 review US
I am excited about Revoicer!

I own 2 radio stations in Louisiana. I have been in the radio business over 40 years. I think your product is great. Because of your product, I am excited again about the radio and marketing business! Thanks!

Robert Damian
11 review MY
I was really excited to try out this voice ai generator

I was really excited to try out the latest text-to-speech app, Revoicer, because I often need to create voiceovers for my work, but I find that my own voice is often too monotone or doesn't quite fit the tone of the project I'm working on. I was pleasantly surprised with how well the Revoicer app worked! It was easy to use, and I was able to create a voiceover that sounded realistic and human in just a few minutes. I would definitely recommend this app to anyone who needs to create voiceovers for their work or projects!

1 review RO
Highly Recommend

I've been using Revoicer for some time now, and I can do nothing but praise it! Really good results, user-friendly interface, and great customer service! If you are looking for high-quality voiceovers Revoicer is the program that can deliver them, so I advise you to give it a try.

6 review DO
I love Revoicer

I love Revoicer! Finding this app has been great for developing my new educational project! It is easy and fun to use. Very helpful!! My experience so far has been great

1 review ES
Excelente servicio y un magnifico...

Excellent service and magnificent customer service, they answer you quickly and solve your incident in the best possible way. I definitely recommend them if you want a platform to create realistic, quality voices. Revoicer is yours.

1 review US
I was skeptical

I was skeptical. The basic program has exceeded by expectations. I am amazed at the pronunciation of complicated words.

Join 6342 of Users Who
Already Use Revoicer!

Special Offer:

51% discount - SAVE $68 🔥

Get Revoicer for … Normal Price: $135

Today Only $67

From 3,000+ reviews

Grab Full Access to Revoicer Today!
One-Time Payment – No Monthly Fees

Revoicer supports English and other 50+ languages and dialects

Revoicer Created More Human-Sounding Voiceovers
and Succesful Stories Than any AI Voice Generator!

But don’t take my word for it… Check out all these satisfied customers:

Are You Ready To Find Out
How To Create 100% Human-Sounding
Voiceovers with EMOTIONS…arrow

and make everyone think it’s an actual human speaking…

without recording

a single word yourself,

waiting days

or even weeks for the final results,

or spending hundreds

on freelancers!

From: Bob S.

I’ve had my first contact with the “voiceover” industry more than 20 years ago. I used to run a marketing agency and I was spending over $15,000 on voiceovers each year.

I collaborated with hundreds of voiceover talents. While many were absolute gems, others were a bit tricky to work with. The hefty investment aside, there were moments when I was on the hunt for a unique accent or a more resonant voice, and that was not so EASY JOB at all.

A few years ago, I discovered AI-generated voices. While they sounded reasonably good, they lacked emotional depth, which is crucial in marketing. If you aim to sell or persuade, conveying emotion is essential. This realization prompted me to wonder, "Could I give AI voices EMOTIONS?" The idea might seem ambitious, but I was determined to realize it, leading me to embark on this challenging journey.

I started working with the best AI engineers and with top voiceover artists that I previously worked with while I ran the marketing agency, in order to create new voices and to make them able to express emotions.

And this is how REVOICER was born.

Let me tell you something… It was the BEST DECISION EVER!

Our business soared to new heights as we effortlessly produced the most authentic human-sounding voiceovers out there.

Gone were the days of waiting endlessly for traditional voiceovers. With Revoicer, we witnessed instant results that saved us not only time but also a significant amount of money.

The best part?
Nobody could even detect the fact that the voiceovers were created using a voice ai generator

Revoicer has a voice for every project

Whether you’re looking to create a corporate video or something more creative,
there is a perfect AI voice waiting for you in Revoicer.

Experience our HUMAN sounding AI voices first hand:

Axel US English

Lively, quirky & hip. A top choice for explainer videos.

Kayla US English

Caring, clear, calming, dramatic, believable, genuine.

Caleb crown US English

Texan voice, friendly, warm, natural.

Zoey US English

Mature AI voice. Polished & professional, inspiring & aspirational.

Robert crown US English

The guy next door. A very sociable and friendly sounding AI voice.

Nova crown US English

The most advanced voice from Revoicer. The most versatile voice. Can giggle, laugh, etc.

Connor UK English

Documentary style voice. A perfect AI voice for narrations and educational videos. Polished & professional

Tyler crown US English

Tyler style voice. Deep voice that will give extra authority to your voiceovers.

Andrew US English

A happy voice, natural with a fast tone. Perfect for commercials.

Cleo crown US English

Soft sell, professional, and pleasing. Perfect for commercials.

Emily crown US English

Very relatable and believable AI voice. Perfect for

Sophia crown Candian

Lively and cristaline voice.

James British

Deep and firm, perfect for documentary videos.

Noah Australian

Sociable and adventure sounding voice. Perfect for adventure-style videos.

Amma crown African

A natural, warm, conversational & down to earth voice.

Rob crown US Kid

Warm, likable, friendly kid voice

Victoria crown US Kid

Happy and excited kid

Mirai crown Indian Accent

A very friendly and bright voice. Perfect for customer support and tech videos.

The Secret Every Smart Entrepreneur Knows…
AI Is The Future

Revoicer arrow Vs Human Voiceovers

Revoicer is not meant to replace human voiceovers. Instead, it provides
a scalable, time saving and cost efficient alternative.


Traditional Voiceovers smily

  • Hiring voiceover artist and freelancers
  • Average turnaround time: 1 week
  • Post-Editing requires tech skills
  • Impossible to update once voiceover is recorded (unless you pay extra to record again)

AI voiceovers with Revoicer smily

  • Simple web-based application
  • Average time to produce a voiceover: 1 minute
  • Intuitive interface, suitable for beginners
  • Update the content of your voiceovers anytime (without paying a cent)

Over 6342 Clients TRUST
Revoicer's AI VOICE GENERATORarrow for their Projects

videoDot Sales Videos

Sarah, Digital Marketer

Revoicer has completely transformed how I make sales videos. The voiceovers they provide are amazing, just like real human actors - it's hard to believe they're AI-generated! And the best part? It saves me so much time and money!

With just a few clicks, with the AI voice generator from Revoicer, I can create engaging videos that effortlessly convey product features, spark interest, and guide customers. Whether I want to take a gentle approach or make a powerful impact, Revoicer has the perfect voice for every situation.

Revoicer is my go-to tool when it comes to creating kickass sales videos voice overs

videoDot Support/Help Videos

Mike, Product Developer

Revoicer has been a game-changer for me when it comes to creating tutorial videos. It allows me to effortlessly generate voiceovers that are clear, concise, and engaging.

Creating voiceovers is now a breeze, so I can focus on what really matters – DEVELOPING GREAT PRODUCTS.

Revoicer has become my go-to tool for ai voice generations! Revoicer have made a positive impact on our customers

Highly recommended!

videoDot School Lessons

Jessica, Teacher

Revoicer has made a world of difference for me as an educator. It has made it incredibly easy to transform my lessons into engaging videos with captivating voiceovers.

Whether I want to add voiceover to slideshows, provide translations in multiple languages for better accessibility, or offer on-the-go listening lessons, Revoicer has got it covered.

My students can now listen to the audio lessons while jogging, on the bus, or even while playing games.

Revoicer has truly enhanced my teaching experience and empowered my students to learn in new and exciting ways!

videoDot TV Commercials

Mark, Advertising Specialist

When I want to take my marketing efforts to the next level, TV commercials are often a smart choice. With Revoicer, I can add voiceover to scenes that are without live actors, expanding my advertising options while staying within a budget.

It allows me to customize the voiceover, selecting from various accents, speeds, and emotions to find what works best for my audience. It's perfect for both small businesses and large corporate campaigns.

Revoicer has truly helped me create impactful TV commercials that stand out and make a lasting impression!

videoDot Documentary Videos

Rachel, Filmmaker

Need a National Geographic-style voiceover? Look no further than Revoicer!

It has become my go-to tool for creating powerful documentaries that captivate audiences. The voiceovers provided by Revoicer effectively communicate crucial information and grab viewers' attention.

It helps me tell cohesive stories and multiplies the impact of my documentaries. With Revoicer, I don't just communicate information, I create an immersive and engaging experience for the viewers. It's an essential companion for any documentary filmmaker

videoDot Audiobooks

Brian, Author

Revoicer has revolutionized the way I create audiobooks. With its advanced AI engine, Revoicer not only delivers clear and natural-sounding narration but also adds emotions to the voice tone, creating a truly immersive listening experience.

Now, I can effortlessly transform my written works into professional, engaging audiobooks that can be enjoyed anywhere. No studio recordings or voice actors needed.

Revoicer is an indispensable voice ai generator for any aspiring or established author.

videoDot Ecom Videos

Lisa, Product Seller

When it comes to E-commerce videos, finding the right voice is crucial. That's where Revoicer comes in. With its wide range of voices, accents, and tones, Revoicer allows me to create videos that resonate with my viewers.

Whether I need a young female voice, an old male voice, or something with a unique accent, Revoicer has it all. I can reach multiple audiences and expand my customer base with customizable languages and voice tones.

Revoicer has given me the ability to create compelling E-commerce videos that truly connect with my customers.

videoDot Podcast

Ryan, Podcaster

Did you know that about 60% of U.S. consumers enjoy listening to podcasts daily? As a podcast creator, it's essential to provide a professional and engaging experience to captivate your audience.

With Revoicer, I can create custom commercials, content, and sound bites that truly excite and engage my listeners. It has been a game-changer in helping me grow my podcast brand.

Revoicer gives my podcast a polished and professional touch, making it easier to create a unique ‘and memorable podcasting experience for my audience.

videoDot Video Ads

Amanda, advertiser

Split testing your video ads is now easier than ever with Revoicer.

As an advertiser, I used to worry about the cost associated with different voiceover options. But with Revoicer, I can select from a variety of voices, accents, speeds, and emotions to test what resonates best with my target audience, all without spending an extra cent.

Revoicer has provided the flexibility and affordability I needed to optimize my video ads and drive better results. It has truly been a game-changer for my advertising campaigns.

If you tried creating human-sounding voiceovers in the past… and Failed… 😞


Revoicer is not the ordinary AI Voice Generator software
that you previously used!

If you've ever attempted to create human-sounding voiceovers in the past and found yourself frustrated and disappointed, we completely understand.

It can be a challenging endeavor, but here's the good news: THIS WON’T HAPPEN ANYMORE!

We've been where you are, and we know how disheartening it can be when your voiceovers sound robotic, lifeless, or simply don't connect with your audience. It's time to leave those frustrations behind and embrace a NEW ERA of voiceover creation.

Imagine a tool that transforms your text into voiceovers that are so lifelike, expressive, and engaging that your listeners won't believe it's not a real human speaking. Picture the ease of effortlessly generating voiceovers that captivate, inform, and persuade your audience.

This is exactly what we sought too, so…

We Reverse-Engineered Text-To-Speech and
Gave IT EMOTIONS!arrow

When we first used text-to-speech voices, it was clear that something was missing…
The voices were robotic, lifeless, and really unpleasant to hear…

We wanted THE BEST results.

“How about giving EMOTIONS to these voices?”

How would it be if an AI voice was able to express feelings like anger, cheerfulness, sadness, and happiness?

So we started working on this, trying a lot of methods to achieve this goal.

It was not easy at all but after years of hard work, Big data analysis, Blood, Sweat, and Tears…


When we first used text-to-speech voices, it was clear that something was missing… The voices were robotic, lifeless, and really unpleasant to hear…

What started like a dream, finally became reality!

Now, the AI voices are able to express emotions like anger, cheerfulness, friendliness, sadness, excitement, and more

You can still use classic voiceovers, wasting a lot of time and spending a lot of money…

Or you can use our…SHORTCUT!
bgicon bgicon bgicon bgicon bgicon bgicon bgicon bgicon


The Only Software That is Able to Reverse-Engineer AI Voices and Gives Them EMOTIONS With the
Click of 3 Buttonsarrow

Truly human emotions in every voice over generated, breathing life into your voice overs. Our AI voices have elements that make a voice sound NATURAL and have all the expressions and tone inflections that are needed to make people more engaged in your content !

Text To Speech Just Got Emotional!

Revoicer Unmatched features arrow

Our emotion-based AI text to speech engine plus the other features
listed below make REVOICER the best AI voice generator that you can find!


80+ AI Voices

The most amazing collection of AI text to speech voices online! We feature both male, female and kid voices.


Change Speech Speed

Speaking faster… slower… shouting or even whispering, no problem with Revoicer voice synthesizer AI engine!


Voice Emotions

Sometimes you need a serious tone other times you need a more joyful tone for your AI voice overs, with Revoicer you can generate the most natural sounding text to human voice!


50+ Languages

German, French, Dutch, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, Arabic, Mandarin, Danish, English, Icelandic, Japanese, Korean, Norwegian, Polish, Romanian, Russian, Swedish, Turkish, Welsh, etc


Multiple Accents

Revoicer features multiple English accents, such as: american, uk, canadian, australian, indian, south africa and ireland accent. Use these accents to add an extra layer of uniqueness to your text to speech voice overs. UK accent can be used to convey sophistication, while Australian accent is great for sociability and adventure videos


Emphasize specific
words & Pauses

Emphasize specific words or even whole phrases with only a few clicks. Add pauses of varying lengths to your voiceovers to build tension and to set the right tone.

Create your first AI text-to-speech arrow
voiceover today:

No more middle man!
Say goodbye to unreliable freelancers !
Nothing to learn or install…

  • Simply:
  • Paste.
  • Convert.
  • Play.
arrow arrow arrow

Step :1

Paste Your Text

Just paste the text you want to be transformed into audio in Revoicer App.


Step :2

Choose An AI Text-To-Speech Voice

We offer over 80 AI voices in multiple languages for you to choose from. You can preview each voice to hear and find the one that best fits your BRAND.


Step :3

Generate & Listen

Click on Generate… and that’s it!

You can play the voiceover directly from Revoicer to see if you like it or if you want to try a different voice.

After that, all it is left to do is to DOWNLOAD your brand new voiceover and use it for your projects.

Simple as that!


What used to take days…Now Takes Minutes!arrow

Instead of waiting days or weeks for a classic voiceover, why not create one in minutes? As Benjamin Franklin once said, time is money. Stop wasting time!

Creating a voiceover will be a matter of minutes.Sales Ads, audiobooks, training videos, audio lessons, YouTube clips/shorts, TikToks, you name it… Voiceovers can be used in a lot of ways, and Revoicer brings them to you instantly!


Revoicer's AI Voice Generator gives you an unfair advantage!

Because you are able to create voiceovers instantly and cheaply, while other entrepreneurs waste thousands of dollars and a lot of time using classic voiceovers. Also, you can create voiceovers in over 50+ languages without paying extra.

+40 More Languages
And Accents






French - France


French - Canada




Mandarin - China


Portuguese - Portugal


Portuguese - Brazil


Spanish - Mexic


Spanish - Spain


India - Tamil


India - Hindi


This is so powerful that it could easily be sold for over $135. But heck… even at $135…
This would be a seriously good investment…

You would get your money back in no time!

Let me show you, real quick, how

Generate AI Voiceovers

Click the Play Button Below To Find Out More

It's Really That SIMPLE!
No Other Software Is Producing Anywhere Near

No other tools are required, no waiting, no monthly fees, no hidden costs!
I'm 100% CONFIDENT this is exactly what you need to finally create your human-sounding audios... So I'm ready to bet my money on it:

60 Days 100% Moneyback

We’re 100% confident in its ability to do what we’re promising you, that we’re gonna
make this an Easy No-Brainer.!

“We’re going to make this a complete RISK FREE DECISION for you!

If you create a voice over using Revoicer and you don’t like it…

We will refund all your money and let you keep all the voiceovers that you created!

So, let’s recap the
benefits of Revoicer

Step :1

Paste your script into Revoicer

When your script is ready, simply paste it into Revoicer and generate the voiceover for an instant result.

Step :2


If you don’t like the first result, edit your script by selecting the speaking rate, the volume, or adding pauses and EMOTIONS, then simply generate the voiceover again for better results.

Step :3

Translate and scale in other languages

If you speak multiple languages, don’t worry, you can create voiceovers in any language that you speak. There are over 50+ languages and dialects available.


Join the massive potential of AI voiceovers and let them do the hard work for you (You will save a lot of money and time and create some top-tier voiceovers with little work)

Imagine what it would be like to stop waiting days for your voiceovers.

Imagine stopping spending thousands of dollars on voiceovers.

Imagine creating voiceovers without saying a single word in a microphone.

An audience that praises your voiceovers, often mistaking them for a real human actually talking.

Can you imagine that?
Now… Do you want to make that a reality? If so…

Join The Revoicer arrow Members Today:


I’m ready to take my voiceovers to the next level. I understand that:

  • Revoicer will create the best voiceovers for my needs
  • Revoicer AI voices have an incredible feature, EMOTIONS
  • Revoicer allows me to create voiceovers without actually talking into a microphone
  • Revoicer is an unfair advantage and I will use it wisely.
  • Revoicer works in English and other 50+ languages and dialects
  • I understand that I won’t have to pay the normal $135 price

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51% discount - SAVE $68 🔥

Get Revoicer for … Normal Price: $135

Today Only $67

From 3,000+ reviews

Grab Full Access to Revoicer Today!
One-Time Payment – No Monthly Fees

Revoicer's AI Voice Generator supports English and other 50+ languages and dialects

Frequently Asked Questions arrow

Still Not Sure?

Over 6770 people are already using Revoicer To
Here’s why:arrow

From 3,000+ reviews

It’s been said that in your moments of decision, your destiny is shaped. What will you decide to do right now?

The same thing you’ve been doing, relying on classic voiceovers, wasting a lot of time and money? Or will you decide to change your approach for the better and
join the thousands of satisfied Revoicer users?

Last Chance

Special Offer:

51% discount - SAVE $68 🔥

Get Revoicer for … Normal Price: $135

Today Only $67

From 3,000+ reviews

Grab Full Access to Revoicer Today!
One-Time Payment – No Monthly Fees

Revoicer supports English and other 50+ languages and dialects


60 Days No-Questions-Asked Moneyback Guarantee.

If you create a voice over using Revoicer and you don’t like it, we will refund all your money in maximum 24 hours.

The first AI Voice App to display real human emotions.

Truly human emotions in every voice over generated,
breathing life into your voice overs.

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